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Infinity Internet Real-time Blackhole Lists

If your email is being bounced with a rejection from block.stopspam.org, dul.pacifier.net or badhost.stopspam.org, your mail server IP address is on one of our blacklists. These are lists of IP addresses that we (Infinity Internet) maintain to prevent spam from reaching our network. IP's are added to our blacklists when we believe they may be potential spam sources.

Each blacklist has different criteria for being added to it:

block.stopspam.org - This RBL has IP's we've seen send a large volume of spam, or are dynamically assigned. Mail servers should always be static IP addresses.

badhost.stopspam.org - This list is populated by mail server IP's that have incorrect or missing reverse DNS records.

dul.pacifier.net - This list also contains what we believe is a dynamically assigned address. Mail servers should always be static IP addresses.

IP Address:

When requesting a delisting ensure the mail server is set up properly and won't get relisted. This means it must be on a static IP address with valid reverse DNS. You will also need to ensure that spam is not being sent from this server.

Please note that delisting requests must be received from the ISP or mail server administrator.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for delisting.