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StopSpam.org no longer operates a Real Time Black List, previously this was done in conjunction with Infinity Internet (iinet.com). The RBL which was referred to as dul.pacifier.net was an internal only use RBL and was never used outside of Infinity’s network.

This RBL stopped operation in early 2013 following the sale of Infinity Internet to Seaport Capital. Should you find a site showing your IP address listed on the RBL stopspam.org and more specifically dul.pacifier.net please contact that site owner and refer them to this URL as they are showing very dated information. It is highly unlikely that you have mail bouncing via this RBL at this point.

If you have found a web site that is showing that stopspam.org has listed your IP Address please send me the site name so I can work with them to remove stopspam.org as operating a blacklist.

Doug Palin

Former CEO Infinity Internet

Stopspam.org – Admin