Who is StopSpam.org?

We will be educating you about all the possible dangers that are always active on the internet. All our articles will include some of the various methods, where and who theses dangers come from, ways of preventing these things from happening to you and any extra information involving the topic and how it works.


Some of the topics you will see on this site

Electronic (email) Spamming

Many email spam messages are commercial in nature but may also contain disguised links that appear to be for familiar websites but in fact lead to phishing web sites or sites that are hosting malware. Spam email may also include malware as scripts or other executable file attachments.


Phishing is a form of fraud in which the attacker tries to learn information such as login credentials or account information by masquerading as a reputable entity or person in email, IM or other communication channels.


Pharming is a scamming practice in which malicious code is installed on a personal computer or server, misdirecting users to fraudulent Web sites without their knowledge or consent. Pharming has been called “phishing without a lure.”

Virus Infected Software

A computer virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. Viruses can also replicate themselves.

Numerous Types of Malware

Malware is an abbreviated term meaning “malicious software.” This is software that is specifically designed to gain access or damage a computer without the knowledge of the owner

Fake Technical Support calls

A technical support scam refers to class of telephone fraud activities, in which a scammer claims to offer a legitimate technical support service, often via cold calls to unsuspecting users.


Why we need to know all this?

Well for the most part there are thousands of low life criminals out there always active, always looking for victims. These people are relentless and are very skilled and convincing at what they do so knowing how to prevent this is a vital thing to know because you never know, you could be there next victim.

Why do these people do this?

There are a number of reasons why people would do this. In short this is a numbers game. If a very small fraction of the people fall victim to them it could be a substantial return for the criminals.

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